GLP-1 RA Masterclass

GLP-1 RAs are one of the ever-evolving number of drug classes used in the management of T2D and are playing an increasing role within primary care. But when and in whom can they be used? And what impact do they have on disease progression and long-term complications? This virtual masterclass aims to provide you with practical information on how to optimise the use of GLP-1 RAs, in particular Ozempic® (semaglutide). You will have the opportunity to:
  • access pre-recorded plenary sessions to watch in preparation for the masterclass
  • attend a series of interactive, virtual workshops of your choice
  • participate in case-based learning
  • have your own questions answered.



Please find below the list of confirmed speakers that will present the plenary sessions and workshops.

Further Information

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For enquiries on your registration or more information about the program please contact us at:

Novo Nordisk Meeting Secretariat