GLP - 1 RA Masterclass

GLP-1 RAs are one of the ever-increasing number of important drug classes used in the management of type 2  diabetes and are playing an increasing role within primary care. But when and in whom can they be used?  And what impact do they have on disease progression and long-term complications?

This face-to-face meeting aims to provide you with practical information on how to optimise the use  of GLP-1 RAs, in particular Ozempic® (semaglutide). You will have the opportunity to:

  • attend a series of hands-on, small-group workshops of your choice
  • hear from an engaging faculty of local speakers
  • participate in interactive case-based learning
  • have your own questions answered.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to attend a highly practical gold-standard educational event!



For enquiries on your registration or more information about the program please contact us at:

Novo Nordisk Meeting Secretariat